Venice Architecture Biennale


Venice (Italy), 2021


Museum of Applied Arts, Moderni u Beogradu


Photos by:

Stefan Đorđević

The exhibition “Eighth kilometre” about the mining town of Bor, presented Serbia at the 17th Venice Biennale of Architecture. The exhibition and research consider the future of the life-work relationship through the topic of the “eighth kilometre”, which disrupts the order of the existing seven city zones – seven city kilometres. Each of the seven kilometres was researched through the study of archival material and through the project of a topic that is specific to a certain area, i.e. a kilometre of the city. The themes following the kilometres are industry, spatial planning, cultural spaces, housing standard, culture of everyday life, ecology and demography.

Moderni u Beogradu (MuBGD) designed the exhibition based on the practice of people from Bor to express certain parts of the city in everyday speech through the distance from the mining surface, which is seen as a starting point – “zero kilometer” or “end of the world”. The system of orientation of the inhabitants is analogous to the way of planning and building the city itself through seven city kilometres. In that sense, the “eighth kilometer” represents a qualitatively new layer of the city and suggests the directions of its future development independently of the mining industry.

The MuBGD team consists of: Iva Bekić, Petar Cigić, Dalija Dukanac, Stefan Đorđević, Irena Gajić, Mirjana Ješić, Hristina Stojanović and Snežana Zlatković.


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