Unulaunu / Persistence


Belgrade (Serbia), 2017


Kolektiv Arhitekata


Photos by:

Nemanja Knezevic

UNULAUNU (one to one,-en) is Romina Grillo, Ciprian Rasoiu, Liviu Vasiu, Matei Vlasceanu and Tudor Vlasceanu. They first joined forces in 2010 driven by a simple wish of doing architecture and later found enough commune and also conflictual points to convince them that they should work together. The first project they worked on was the competition and building of the national pavilion of Romania at the Biennale di Architettura of Venice 2010. The success at the prestigious exhibition and the fruitful collaboration gave them the opportunity to start an office.

​For this exhibition they wanted to build architecture, rather than to exhibit it. UNULAUNU doesn’t want to have a mediation of representation between the work and the viewer. In architecture, that means scale one to one. This is a persisting thought process that underlines all of their work. Also, the idea was to challenge the ephemeral character that seems to be inbuilt in the common understanding of any exhibition. In short, the exhibition in the Kolektiv Gallery is an ensemble that will continue its life even after the exhibition is over.

​The design reflects this idea, thus proposing a montage of primary structural elements that can be put together in different configurations, that can serve either as the backbone of the current exhibition (one of the configurations) or as a daily support of Kolektiv’s activities: a bookshelf, a cabinet, a desk. (another configuration). The structural elements are as big as the current space allows them to be. This size together with their particular shape and the existing space, all work together to allow a few precise and structurally stable positions. In this way, all the elements join forces to form something larger. Every piece, no matter how small, is indispensable for the whole project, without it, everything would fall.

*the project is a previous personal reference


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