PQ 2019 / Equilibrium


Prague (Czech Republic), 2019


Museum of Applied Arts, Faculty of Technical Sciences


Photos by:

Nemanja Knezevic

At the Prague Quadrennial 2019, the most important world event dedicated to scene design and performing space, Serbia presented itself with a national exhibition and a student section united by the theme of Self (construction) derived from the specific ideological, social, political, economic and cultural context of second half socialist society. 20th century, from the space and from the time when the work of an individual on himself was considered socially necessary and socially justified. Apart from the Self (construction) as a context, Serbia’s performance is also based on the concept of the Prague Quadrennial.

The student section Equilibrium was conceived as a joint artistic work of 12 students from different faculties in Serbia, selected through a public competition. This work, in the form of a performative installation, was created during a monthslong creative process in which students researched the topic of constructing a community and society through the construction of the individual. The curatorial team of the Student Section consisted of Romana Bošković Živanović (FTN Novi Sad), Mirko Stojković (Faculty of Dramatic Arts – FDA, Belgrade), Zora Mojsilović (Faculty of Applied Arts – FPU, Belgrade), Deneš Debrei (Academy of Arts – AU, Novi Sad), Milena Kordić (Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade) and Andrija Pavlović (New Academy of Arts, Belgrade).


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