Jami DC


Belgrade (Serbia), 2018


Kokan Mladenović, Marko Grubić


Jami District is a theatre play that problematizes the issue of the nation and nation states, in the hi-tech world of the 21st century. Starting from the fact that the nation is a construct and concept invented in the 19th century, this play raises the question: how did nineteenth-century invention manage to look like it has always been there?

Do we still need old, “good” nations in the age of the Internet, artificial intelligence, and modern medicine? What will change nations and nation states? And who is worse: nations or corporations?
Jami District is a play that, in the form of a fake documentary, is based on a (fictional) but possible event – a future war in the Balkans caused by the same absurdities as the previous ones. Today, these same forces of irrationality operate in the wider area of ​​Europe, and the similarities with the fate of Yugoslavia are worrying and frightening.

In its form, the play is fragmentary and postmodern, and its important part is the video work, composed of various sequences that support the form of a fake documentary, as well as a live performance of the original music of the group VROOOM. The video contains statements by various politicians, decision-makers and rulers, and in order to make everything look as convincing as possible, there are also fake editions of national dailies and other informative shows.


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