In Reflections


Venice (Italy), 2023


Museum of Applied Arts


Photos by:

Relja Ivanić

In Reflections, the project of Iva Nunjić and Tihomir Dičić, which represents the Republic of Serbia at the 18th International Exhibition of the Architecture Biennale in Venice, from May 20 to November 26, 2023, introduces us to spatio-temporal cyclicity… a layered map of process and duration, observation and reflection.

The layers of temporal cyclicity visually represented by a spatial ellipse are visible in the mapping of research processes related to the phenomenon of Non-Aligned Politics embodied in the project of the Fair in Lagos, which the authors bring to life with living notes of the present.

In order to become living witnesses of the reality and transfer it to the project, the authors traveled to the unstable and dangerous zone of Lagos, faced the current conditions, experienced difficult situations, researched, recorded and transferred to the exhibition display and diaries. It is up to us to react and revive the questions raised in ourselves.


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