Candilis, Josic, Woods


Paris (France), 2018


Kolektiv Arhitekata


The professional association Kolektiv Arhitekata, in cooperation with the Cultural Center of Serbia in Paris, presents the exhibition ’Candilis Josic Woods – Fifty years since the culminating 1968’. The exhibition accompanies the work of this important trio of architects, including Alexis Josic (Aljoša Josić), a French architect of Serbian origin.

Through a series of drawings, videos and projects’ plans realized between the years 1953 and 1968, the evolution of their office is followed – from the first urban housing projects to the development of the idea of the ‘ground-scraper’, which served as a basis for an important project of the Free University of Berlin, 1968. That year, at the peak of their creative energy, Candilis, Josic and Woods stopped collaborating and left behind an impressive opus of design and theoretical work in which they clearly appointed architecture as an instrument and a moderator of social relations.

​The year 1968 was also marked by a student agitation, including the students’ request for change of the traditional approach of studies at the School of Fine Arts. Students asked for an influx of the new ideas and among the carriers of these ideas were architects Candilis, Josic and Woods.

*the project is a previous personal reference


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