Beyond Quantum Music


Belgrade (Serbia), 2022


LP Duo


Photos by:

Nemanja Knežević

Beyond Quantum Music was an international project co-financed by Creative Europe aimed to explore connections between visual arts, music, and quantum physics by means of artistic experimentation, resulting in live performances and other types of interactions with European audiences. The project presented quantum physics and the quantum world to a wider audience and contributed to the creation of a new music genre: Quantum Music.

The Belgrade exhibition, hosted by the Centre for Cultural Decontamination (CZKD) featured works of the following artsts: Andreja Andrić (Serbia/Denmark), Joe Beedles (United Kingdom), Tadej Droljc (Slovenia), Timo Hoogland (The Netherlands) and Jiří Suchánek (Czech Republic). The exhibition also showcased an installation created by visual artist Filip Mikić and produced by Dragan Novković, electro-engineer and acoustician, who was one of the initiators of the Quantum Music project, together with quantum physicist Vlatko Vedral.

The Belgrade exhibition and performances were curated by Ivana Medić (Institute of Musicology SASA), Sonja Lončar and Andrija Pavlović (LP Duo).


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