Application Voland


Belgrade (Serbia), 2020


Kokan Mladenović, Marko Grubić


Application Voland is an immersive theatre performance, directed by Kokan Mladenovic that is parallelly viewed in physical and virtual space, through a special application for smartphones. The audience is invited to install an application, which allows them to participate in games, quizzes and surveys during the theatre play, which directly affects the further course of the stage work. In addition to researching the relationship between theatre and new media, ie: augmented reality space as a space for theatrical play, the play deals with the history of theatre and drama and the medieval genre of morality plays, as a didactic dramatic form, whose goal was to promote positive ethical values. Is there immorality in the world of new technologies and what is the purpose of theatre today, in a society marked by accelerated technological development and the development of artificial intelligence? Can theatre be a platform for establishing new morals, new ethical norms and rules of conduct in a world “abandoned by God”, where instead of the Word (Logos), there is the Internet as an endless space of knowledge, information and science – these are just some of the questions the play deals, in a witty, educational and provocative way, with audience involvement, interaction and dialogue, spiced with acting improvisations.


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