Alvaro Siza and Maria Antonia Siza


Belgrade (Serbia), 2016


Kolektiv Arhitekata


Photos by:

Nemanja Knezevic

For Siza, drawing is irreplaceable, both in his architecture, and his personal life. He uses drawings while developing ideas and thinking about architecture, but he also uses them to remember moments in life. Drawings are the fastest way of communication for Alvaro Siza. The specifics of this exhibition is that the drawings of Alvaro Siza will be accompanied by the drawings of his late wife, Maria Antonia Siza.

The series that has been on view in the Kolektiv Gallery refers to Siza’s work in the Marian sanctuary in Fatima, Portugal. The new Basilica of the Holy Trinity was built in 2007, by the project of the Greek architect Alexandros Tombazis, and Alvaro Siza has conceptualised the mural in the chapel.

The series of templates that were the basis for this monumental mural has been presented in Belgrade. Drawings that once again confirm Siza’s distinctive manner, simple, precise, well thought-out and expressive. On the other hand, the work of his wife, though stylistically similar, is in content entirely different. In her works, Maria Antónia Siza entered the spheres of imagination and grotesque.


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